Another technology of Mojtaba is offering pre-stretched products. In this technology, the stretch film will be stretched several times by the machine, so that less force will be needed for stretching during use. All the stretch rolls of Noghre Fam Poush company have the ability to be pre-stretched. This process reduces the cost of packaging due to the use of less than 50% compared to standard stretch films.

NOGHREFAMPOUSH company has the possibility of producing pre-stretch film without bobbin (Coreless).

With a thickness half of the usual thickness but twice as strong as normal film

Creating a uniform tension will make the load firmer and more stable and prevent possible movements.

Apply stretch film with less force

The consumption of pre-stretched film can be less than half of that of ordinary stretch film, and this will reduce packaging costs.

This film has a prominent edge that can prevent damage to the roll and reduce waste.